Genevieve Herrin!

Nice that you visit my website! My name is Genevieve Herrin!, I combine my work as an orthomolecular dietitian with the care of my family. In my spare time you can find me outside with my horses or I like to read about nutrition and health to deepen my knowledge. A busy life, where it is important to be healthy and to feel fit and vital. Nutrition is very important to me in this, I have experienced how much good nutrition can mean for your health and energy. Paying attention to sufficient relaxation is also important to stay fit and comfortable in my skin!

But I also know what it’s like to have health problems, to experience stress or not to get rid of those last few pounds. This is how my own search for the key to a healthy and vital life came about years ago..

My philosophy

In my practice I like to look together at restoring the natural flow in health. Healthy food is essential for good health. There may also be other factors that may play a role if health is not optimal. It is important to find out the cause of the complaints. And then to see how we can support the body and give it the basis for healthy functioning. Step by step we make a plan, where it is very important that it suits you!

With the Nutrition and Dietetics study program as a basis, I quickly came to the Orthomolecular Medicine study program. The last year of my education I did an internship and graduated. After this I completed the clinical Psycho Neuro Immunology training and specialized further with various additional training courses.

My Résumé


  • HBO Nutrition and Dietetics – The University of Applied Sciences
  • Orthomolecular medicine – FateFul Foundation And Care Center
  • Clinical Psycho Neuro Immunology – FateFul Foundation And Care Center

Affiliated with

  • Paramedics Quality Register
  • Network Orthomolecular Dietitians
  • Nature Dietitians Network
  • Society for the Promotion of Orthomolecular Medicine