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Belly fat: a health risk

Belly fat is the most difficult thing to lose in most of us. Where in women the fat accumulates around the buttocks and hips, in men it is usually the abdomen where the fat accumulates. Losing belly fat requires the right approach for both men and women. In this article we therefore discuss the question of how you […]

The 5 best Paleo cookbooks

Looking for a Paleo book? Which Paleo cookbooks are most suitable for you, of course, depends on how you prefer to cook. Are you a beginner, someone who wants to finish cooking quickly or a real chef who does not shy away from the most difficult dishes. We have listed Paleo cookbooks for everyone who wants to participate […]

The 8 best natural anti-inflammatory drugs

An inflammation is a reaction of your own body to a foreign substance or damage to tissue. An automatic response from the body follows to repair the damage or prevent more damage. Although there may be several reasons why inflammation occurs, the symptoms are usually the same: the skin becomes red, warm and often painful. That is […]